Forget this address

As I sprayed the antiperspirant under my armpit my mind strayed to getting in touch with the phone company. The flat is beginning to look a little barer because things have been migrating back to Culebrón for the past few weeks. At the end of the month I will leave La Unión and before I go I need to cancel the phone and Internet connection.

I realised I would need to know the number I wanted to cancel. I have no idea of the land-line number for the phone here because I never phone the flat and if I did I would just press something on my mobile. In fact I don't know any phone number except that of my mobile phone.

And the address. The phone company would probably need that too. I know the street name but I'm not absolutely certain whether it's flat 3 at number 11 or flat 11 at number 3. When I need a physical address I never use this one so all I need to know is how to walk to the front door.

Although some people would disagree with me it's not a memory problem. It's because we don't use the same information we used to. Nowadays most of the everyday information I need is remembered by some bit of computer software on my behalf. All I have to recall are passwords not postcodes.

This could well be my last post on this blog - although I suspect not. If it  is, remember (get it?) that all the fun continues over at  Life in Culebrón


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